Projects large screens with minimum distortion even at a short throw distance. The range of applications has been further improved with a light output of 3300 ANSI lumens*, the best of its category, and a more powerful built-in speaker.


An ultra short throw projector that can be installed and used anywhere

Ultra short throw projection optimal for classrooms and meeting areas

Thanks to the ultra short throw lens the UM330X/UM280X can project a large screen of 116.6 inches at a distance of only 85.4cm. (the distance from screen side of projector to screen is 51.0cm) Shadows do not easily form even when someone stands in front of the projector, making it suitable for classrooms, small meeting areas, shop windows, and a wide variety of other locations if installed on the wall or the ceiling.

Projection comparison with the M300X

16W speaker helps to use microphone effectively.

16W speaker

A built-in monaural speaker with powerful 16W output provides excellent sound even in classrooms and conference rooms. This projector also comes with a microphone input, allowing voice to be projected via the internal speaker.

A complete lineup of eco functions

The projector has an Auto Eco Mode, which automatically adjusts the brightness to suit the ambient environment, and Eco Mode which is convenient when the projector may be too bright for small screen projection. There are Eco buttons on the projector and remote control so you can more easily enable to set Eco Mode.

A complete lineup of eco functionsTop o

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  • Brand: NEC
  • Product Code: NEC UM280W
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  • £499.00

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