This Ex Showroom Interactive Flat Panel Display is in Grade A condition.

The Hi-Lo® Screen Lift Whiteboard Trolley is an ultra manouevrable whiteboard stand which has the capacity to mount and transport all makes and models of Smartboards and Clevertouches and projectors between rooms.

Delivered fully assembled (for delivery in the UK, flat pack is available for export) for minimum install time, the Hi-Lo® Screen Lift Whiteboard Trolley is simple to set up.

The 750mm height adjustment allows pupils and teachers of all heights, access to the full whiteboard. 

The base is specially designed to allow wheelchair users close access to the board.

Hi-Lo® Screen Lift Whiteboard Trolley provides a simple, fast and safe interactive whiteboard trolley which allows resources are shared between rooms.

The Hi-Lo® universal whiteboard mounts are able to receive most makes and models of interactive whiteboards:

up to 80 inches across the diagonal with 4:3 ratio aspect
up to 105 inches across the diagonal at 16:9 ratio aspect

Designed to fit through a standard doorway height of 1950mm high.

Universal whiteboard mounts are able to receive any make of interactive whiteboard:

Casters are twin wheel, easy glide, heavy duty and individually lockable.


The interactive whiteboard is supported by the universal brackets and adjusted to the depth of the board required. 

When ready to be transported, electrically lower the board to the minimum height.

Suitable for both 64,74 inch Smartboards and Clevertouches

The casters are high quality heavy duty, easy glide, twin wheeled, individually lockable with a rubberised finish for a smooth and reliable action. 

Once the Hi-Lo® Screen Lift Whiteboard Trolley is repositioned in the new room, the boom is turned and locked back into the setup position and then raised electrically back into the original position. 
This operation takes less than 30 seconds.
The trolley is delivered fully assembled with minimum set-up time.

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Clevertouch 65" Touchscreen With Electric Hi-lo Trolley **EX SHOWROOM** **FULLY INSTALLED**

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