Flexible Recycling

with You in Mind

Recycle your old equipment

This is a request for any surplus or redundant ICT equipment you may have that we can collect from you or in some cases actually purchase, and then refurbish and re-use and/or re-install in another school, nursery or charity.

In many cases we can actually pay you for used items such as Smart boards, Projectors,Laptops & Desktop PC’s providing they are in working order & depending on specification. This can be done either as a cash payment or as a discount against future ICT purchases.

All that needs to be done is make a list of the equipment with details of the make, model and condition. We can then determine if we can either purchase this from you, offer a discount against new equipment or in a worst case scenario, at least offer to arrange for local collection and approved disposal.

Any discounts against new equipment will be larger than a cash payment.

Please see the contact page for details on where to send lists of equipment.


We offer collections to suit you. With flexible hours and compromising solutions our aim is to make recycling as easy and stress free as possible

In some situations we will even collect out of hours, or weekends to suit your needs.

Our collections are always free, no exceptions. We do however prefer to collect larger quantities, and reserve the right to decline collections.

Money back

In most cases a cash payment can be made for equipment. This is completely dependant on condition, age and specification.

We do however find that a lot of establishments, especially schools would prefer discounts on new, or upgraded equipment. This is also a popular option as a larger payment can be given.

Collection Request