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Q:Do you have a minimum collection quantity?

A:Although we do generally prefer to make larger collections in some cases we can arrange to collect single "larger" items such as large photocopiers, servers or printers. Always give us an email as you may be pleasantly surprised.


Q:Can we drop off or send equipment directly?

A:We have no issue with accepted equipment being sent directly, although we do only accept equipment which is pre-booked to be dropped off. Email us for a drop-off or self-shipping form.


Q:How much will it cost me for you to collect my equipment?

A:Our collections are 100% free. We do not charge for collections although we do ask that someone is available to assist our drivers during collection for larger collections.


Q:How much are you willing to pay for my equipment?

A:As you can imagine this is usually the hardest question to answer as we do not know the true condition of the equipment. What we would normally do is give a rough price, a minimum if you will, and then should the equipment be of a larger value we can increase the payment you will receive. We understand that sometimes errors are made so establish our own record of equipment before payments are made.


Q:What about all our data? Will our files/pictures be deleted?

A:Yes. Permenantly. We use a program which completely deletes and then overites data multiple times. If this is not enough, we offer other alternatives such as destruction.


Q:You are doing a collection of our PC suite, would you take our desks/cabinets during you collection?

A:We often get ask this kind of question, whether it be desks cabinets or chairs. We are happy to collect these items during our collection although we would ask that you please notify us prior to us arriving. Any hazardous items MUST be declared prior to us arriving so that we can sort out relevent paperwork.


We at RecycledICT are here to help, friendly and undersatnding. If for any reason you have any other questions feel free to contact us. Details of how can be found in the "contact us" section located at the top of the page.


We offer collections to suit you. With flexible hours and compromising solutions our aim is to make recycling as easy and stress free as possible

In some situations we will even collect out of hours, or weekends to suit your needs.

Our collections are always free, no exceptions. We do however prefer to collect larger quantities, and reserve the right to decline collections.

Money back

In most cases a cash payment can be made for equipment. This is completely dependant on condition, age and specification.

We do however find that a lot of establishments, especially schools would prefer discounts on new, or upgraded equipment. This is also a popular option as a larger payment can be given.

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